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Personnel training and employee education of MSI JAPAN

Personnel training and employee education of MSI JAPAN

We believe that what we are owes our primary focus on relationship. We will try to foster such human resources who have excellent technical skills and who can be trusted so that more and more people are attracted to our organization. In order for that, the staff of MSI JAPAN is required to follow the trainings of such as theories and operational methods. We also focus on cultivating the engineers in order to offer high-quality services all the time.

MSI JAPAN constantly works on practical employee training in order to produce professionals able to provide great entertainment environment for audience. The training is in complying with the followings: safety management, preliminary simulation of operation, and trouble shooting.

A systems engineer's education

Because concert events have become technically diverse nowadays, MSI invests efforts and time to produce system engineers, professionals at speaker system. The major role of system engineers is to deliver the same sound quality at FOH position to all the audience areas. These engineers take on our major speaker system line-ups, Martin Audio MLA, d&b J series, and L-Acoustics K-1 and V-DOSC, based on event genre and venue structure.

MLA System Engineer

M-TECH is an individual receiving a certification of special training seminar for MLA speaker system by Martin Audio Ltd. It is premised on MLA speakers are in a company’s inventory in order to receive this MLA training.

KSE (K System Engineer)

The system engineers with the highest level. They possess the following skills.
-Measurement of sound design and the system
-Possess extensive knowledge about V-DOSC system, dV-DOSC system, KUDO system, and K-1 system.
-Possess complete understanding about the theory of WST system.
-Capable to demonstrate the SUNDVISION software of L-ACOUSTICS easily.
-Capable to use measuring tools for system deployment and tuning.
-Possess good command of LA-RAK/LA8/NETWOEK MANAGER platform and DSP library.
CVE (Certified V-DOSC Engineer)
Certified V-DOSC system engineer. Capable to educate QVT.
QVT (Qualified V-DOSC Technician)
Qualified to use V-DOSC at the sites. The level of technical understanding is below that of CVE.


Safety Establishment and Rigging Work

Basic structure and application for flying speaker.
By preliminary simulating all work process, it achieves efficiency.

As long as the earth has attraction, a thing falls.
Don't forget that an accident does not occur but there is certainly a cause of occurring.
(Quotes from SSR College Richard Hartmann “Rigging Handbook”.)

Based on the above words, MSI JAPAN continues to provide services under a safe work environment.


Safety Establishment

Understanding rigging fundamental theory and practical application.
Understanding rigging parts and usage according to regulation.


Up-skilling ability of assessment and execution
Discovery of better methods by imagination


Figuring out the fastest working process
Making trainees habitus of efficient work-flow

Skill-up following practical work-flow|INPUT/OUTPUT WORK


Electric basic theory

Fundamental electrical knowledge
General engineering skill-up

Sound basic theory

Achieving richness in sensitivity
Gaining knowledge of problem resolution skill


Improving concept with absence of absolutes for theory
Simulating multi patterns of planning
Establishment for problem resolution by total mobilization of knowledge