The ingredient for good sound is an engineer
who can accurately portray the beauty of the music to an audience.

“It all began when one friend, who knew I was an audiophile, asked me to help manage all the audio & sound for his concerts. When I fulfilled his request for that tour, I wondered if there was a way I could help others by turning my favorite hobby into a job.
However, this field was completely new to me. It was challenging having to get used to mixing and learning about all the new tech. Nonetheless, it brought me so much joy to watch others enjoy my work and sensibility for good sound.
I then realized, anyone could have such an experience in life. I have then lived by this motto, “What one likes, one will do well.”
-Founder Shuzo Fujii

The actual business started in 1977, when the trio composed of Shuzo Fujii, Teruyoshi Kimura and myself (Motoshige Nishio) was formed. Although we had virtually no money, decent equipment, or name recognition, we worked hard to produce our own sound engineers with unlimited potential.
With lots of help and support, we eventually received work not only from top Japanese artists, but also from international artists for their Japan Tours.

Fujii, Kimura, and I held a meeting to discuss the basic direction of our business every month. Besides our original Sound Reinforcement service, we started various businesses one by one, such as selling audio products, becoming distributers of equipment from overseas, managing art galleries/music venues, then finally setting up overseas operations.
I believe the growth of our company is the result of our continuing efforts to make our dreams come true by improving everyday alongside all the employees and other like-minded companies. We have come a long way since our humble beginnings. Although we still have areas we’d like to improve on, we are proud to have made our presence within this industry.

At MSI JAPAN GROUP, we believe in sticking to the wise words from Fujii, “What one likes, one will do well.” In this way, we wish for this family to keep doing our best at what we love to do. We hope to continue implementing our core values in the transition to the next generation. “We must not forget our first resolution”.

President Motoshige Nishio