Corporate Philosophy / Vision

It is our mission to contribute to the progression of worldwide culture and entertainment through the use of our Sound Reinforcement/PA (public address) technology to improve social lives.

“One will do well, what one is passionate about”
“Nothing is impossible to a willing mind”
We live by these words, and apply this motto during employee training and while developing our technology.

Corporate Philosophy
We are the ONLY company
that explicitly uses our management resources
toward equipment development
and personnel training.
As a sound provider, we have a vision. We commit ourselves to improving and raising the technical level in the sound industry.

Each year, we set a company theme about the concept and vision for MSI, so that our employees can all aim toward a universal goal.

Thinking Globally
Thinking with a Global Perspective

2023  Past success is no guarantee of future success.
2022  Thinking Globally -Creating the future
2021  Thinking Globally -“TAKUMI” (Artisan, Meister)
2020  Thinking Globally -aim for 10billion
2019  Thinking Globally -New Horizons
2018  Thinking Globally to the USA
2017  Thinking Globally -Don't get used to things-
2016  Thinking Globally -ACT LOCAL-
2015  Thinking Globally -Beyond Expectations-
2014  35th Anniversary -Thinking Globally-
2013  Thinking Globally -Progress!-
2012  Thinking Globally -Innovation-
2011  Thinking Globally -Independence-
2010  Acting Globally -From Asia to Overseas-
2009  Thinking Globally -The 3rd start up -
2008  Thinking Globally ( Continuance is Power! )
2007  Still thinking globally!  Network with 1st class service
2005  Thinking Globally, Acting Globally
2004  THE NEXT STAGE / MSI JAPAN -Thinking Globally-