MSI JAPAN Shanghai

Due to all of your generous support, we can welcome our 15th year of operations here in China as of 2019. We were able to generate many achievements all over China using the techniques we’ve acquired from our experience working in Japan. We will play our part in the evolution of Chinese entertainment and contribute to the boosting exchanges of these two Asian cultures.
We would like to ask for your continued support in the years to come.

MSI JAPAN Shanghai
Satoshi Kawaminami

Company Profile

  • Coordinate PA Equipment, Instruments, Lighting & Images for Concerts, Events and Entertainment
  • Dispatch of Mixing Engineers & System Engineers
  • Support/Manage Music Venues, Design & Construction of PA Systems and Dispatching of Engineers
  • Coordinate and Consult Production Businesses (event planning, operation, translation, etc.)
  • Overall Operations related to Entertainment
Name Hejie Culture Promotion Co., Ltd. / MSI JAPAN SHANGHAI
Head Office Location Room3311, Building 6, No.88 Huichuan Road, Regents Park, Shanghai 200050, China
CEO Motoshige Nishio
Founded July 17th, 2006